8 Computer Applications that Must be Installed on Your Computer

Computer application software or software that is intentionally created to simplify certain tasks. When the Windows including the base operating system of computers that function on the basic operation, then some applications can be added to complement the basic capabilities that already exist. Along with the development of technology, now more and more PC applications has to offer. As for the following given some applications to a computer that You have.

1. Chrome and Firefox (Web Browser). A Web browser is required for the purposes of accessing a wide variety of services and information from the internet. Some web browsers have the capability of being found qualified i.e. Chrome and Firefox also. Both the computer application is quite easy and fast to use, with a guarantee of safety. Either Chrome or Firefox appear superior with a number of features that make it easier for the user.

2. Auslogics Disk Defrag. On the PC are usually put in place fragementasi. As for the fragmentation often causes slowness on the system or even precipitate. Auslogics Disk Defrag was designed specifically to overcome the problem that arose due to fragmentation. Embedded Windows is actually on this device, but found to be capable of Auslogics work better and faster. To get his latest computer application you can download for free from the internet.

3. Advanced System Care Free. Advanced System Care Free is part of the computer application system maintenance. If you still feel the layman not to worry. Advanced System Care Free allows you to perform routine system maintenance and optimization. Essentially this application helps protect, repair, clean, and also speed up the work of your computer.

4. Security 360. Security 360 including spyware removal which helps you protect your PC from piracy, spyware, keylogger, and some other things. Computer application on this one is still relatively new. Even so, Security 360 success into the top 10 of favorite software download. The popularity of Security 360 himself defeated his predecessor Spyware Search and Destroy.

5. Google Picasa. For the purposes of photo management You can rely on Google Picasa. This software can help you find all the photos stored on the PC regardless of location. Google Picasa can also organize birthday just in seconds. Not only that, the rest of Google Picasa allows you to perform editing so that more photographs look gorgeous and aiming for photos based on the people that are in the photo.

6. Memento. For those of you who have a super crowded with a lot of activity on the agenda can download applications Memento. As for Memento including post it notes or a simple note program that is suitable for Your desktop. Quite easy and effective. So you can record all the important agenda in the Memento so that there is no forgotten agenda. Computer application can be downloaded free from the internet.

7. Mozy. The purposes of backup data is indeed becoming a necessity. Prior to your regular work with a lot of important data. Unfortunately the damage to the PC which is not thought to often cause most or even all data lost. If it is the case, then you need to backup facilities. Now you can with Mozy backup important data online and can take it back at any time also online. Very practical.

8. xVideoServiceThief. You love to download videos from Youtube? That means you need xVideoServiceThief. No denying many people use networking website Youtube. However, before the existence of the felt is not easy to download videos from Youtube. However, with such insurmountable problems xVideoServiceThief. You can now download all at once change the video format from Youtube using this computer application, or using keepvid.com.

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