Project Loon, Internet Access Solution Evenly Indonesia

Google has developed a new project under the name Project Loon. Indonesia turns out to be the sixth country get poyek. The goal of the project is to disseminate Loon internet network that is widely and evenly throughout Indonesia. During this time only enjoyed internet access for those living in Jakarta, Java, and other major cities in Indonesia more. But for Eastern Indonesia such as Flores, Kupang, and Papua has not fully get the internet network.

The function itself is the Loon as a spreader of the internet from space. Loon it still takes a long time to be able to adjust its business model and its application in Indonesia. There are three Cellular opeator Indonesia which has established close cooperation with Google to Project such a Loon, Telkomsel, XL Leisure Group, and Indosat. Each balloon will emit 4 g LTE internet connections to the surface with a range 40 kilometers from where the balloons are. The balloon that will drive the technology Long Term Evolution (LTE) of telecommunications companies that have partnered with Google Project Loon, namely, Telkomsel, Indosat and XL leisure group.

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