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Why Should Gold Investment

If in the 1980s, with the money of Rp 1 million already be a new motor, it is now (201X-an), with the same nominal money can what? Never mind the new motor, new used motor was not able. The money, which is generally believed to most people as a storage medium value, is a big one. Money is very vulnerable to inflation each year, so no wonder the investment in the form of a very vulnerable currency loss. So, is the solution investment with a value of 0 percent inflation? The answer is no, namely gold.  Gold was used thousands of years ago as a medium of exchange that never shrink in value. What's up with gold? According to historical sources, gold has been known since 40 thousand years BC.

A number of tribal already familiar with gold and used as a tool of culture, especially ancient spiritual paraphernalia. In a society of Ancient Egypt (circa), 1932 BC they buried in a gold coffin of King Tutankhamen weighing nearly 2500 pounds. The Romans already use gold coins as a means of tran…

Quite Promising Gold Investment

Surely you are already familiar with this one thing, one type of object that has a sale value higher from year to year. Gold investment is one type of investment that is often done by most people in Indonesia, both urban and rural communities. Gold prices also per each has increased, along with the limited amount of natural resources of gold producers. For those of you who want a quick turnover, may be less suitable gold investment option for you. However, if you have the funds will not be used in the near future, gold investment is a great choice for you.

Surely you often look for information related to the gold price today, or Antam gold price today, in various media newspapers or on the internet. It is indeed important because the price of gold on the market in certain conditions experienced a slight increase or decrease. But in general, gold prices tend to be stable and has increased due to factors scarcity of gold. With the conditions we mentioned, gold is often considered not ha…

How to Invest Gold Online

Investment gold online is quite easy to do. With capitalize computer or gadget with the Internet network connection then we can start gold investing activities online. You are now looking for his software for free via the internet and then installing the software on #komputer or gadgets. You'll be treated to a demo account to start learning to do well online investment simulation. Once you deposit the money to buy gold trading chip, then you can immediately begin.

Capital required to start an online gold investment vary widely, depending on what software is used for trading activities. However, ideanya we learn to do this online gold investment with substantial capital. This should be done considering the value of gold online will move every second and your capital balance will also move in accordance with such price fluctuations. If the value of the price decline already exceeds the balance of your capital, then perform automatic your transaction will be closed (close) and you lo…

Some Products and Services Google Should You Use

Google is the king of search engines, with Google we can trace whatever we want quickly. Google algorithms to make keyword search can display search results are very accurate just a few seconds. The internet giant company not only makes services on search engines alone, over age berkembanganya Google makes a lot of products and services that can be used to help ease human life. Here are Some Google Products and Services That You Must Know and Understand:

Google Search
Google Search is a feature to look for something with Google mensin. Google Search is generally installed on the Android operating system. To open it you do not need to use typed keudian browse Google, but directly type in a keyword to search with Google Search. With this application cyberspace surfers can save time faster browsing.

Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser is a browser application for desktop computers and android devices. Chrome browser is a browser that most Internet users world dipkai karea speed and level kemanan…

New Logo Google and Domain CO.ID

Who is not familiar with Google, the king of search engines is always to make a breakthrough. After a few months ago Announced a new parent company called Alphabet. Now, Google made a breakthrough with the launch of a new logo. Latest Google logo looks more simple and relies on four distinctive colors. Blue, red, yellow and green.

Google's new logo also change all the icons on the Google products with the letter G. Display icon and logo Google logo on the search engine more simple and dynamic. Reportedly this logo created as Google adaptation to the increasingly dynamic nature of the company. If the previous logo was made only to the desktop, logo this time will adjust to other gadgets. All Google products will soon experience these changes.

Google logo changes coupled with .com domain changes into .co.oid. This domain applies to the individual blogger using be As the goal is more dynamic, it turns out Google adjusts domain name based on the country, a…

Tips Specifying Trusted Online Store

Shopping online is a trend in the social life of the community for several years. The reason, online shopping is deemed more efficient than virtual shopping and go to stores or store directly. Abroad, shopping online is very common and minimal fraud. However, in Indonesia alone shop online shopping trends in public yet.

Many acts of fraud makes people reluctant to shop in cyberspace. The main things that must be done to choose a favorite shop online is to know the desires within us each. Here are the steps that must be done before determining an online shop that favorite: Knowing what goods or services to be purchased, Adjust the funds held by the price of the product, Looking for an online shop that provides you need it.

When you have done the above steps, you can now start to choose from the many online shop that should be selected. Here are the characteristics of a trusted online retailer must be considered in choosing the online shop favorite:

1. Domain (Site Name) Clear
To this po…

How to Earn Money From Blogging for Beginners Easy Fast

Maybe there are still many who are wondering how to make money from blog, after earlier making a blog. Need to realize that just having a blog and write articles on the blog will not directly bring in money for granted but need to do the steps that it took perseverance, patience and continue. So do not be reflected once make a blog and then money flows like water into their pockets. Especially when I heard stories about the earnings of people who create blogs. Many of those who are into breeder blog untold numbers were again used to earn money from the internet.

Sure to make the blog, fill up, optimizing and take care of her needs a lot of time and struggle, so to finally get the result that makes us dumbfounded and say "Wow yummy can be up to tens of millions of money can blogging". Actually making money online or offline is the same. The difference is only a matter of time and space. Nobody will survive if what he's always wanted was not achieved. Unless tujuang bloggi…

How to Use Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google that was launched in late April 2012, a service for storing files on the internet on the storage provided by Google. By storing files on Google Drive, the owner of the file can access that file anytime anywhere by using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone. And the file can be shared with others to share and also collaboration lawyer-edit-his. Capacity provided by google drive to free service is 5GB, to use more capacity than it will cost you extra.

By using Google Drive, means that the file owner has had a back-up file it on the internet so that if anything happens to the files stored on your computer or laptop, for example, the file is corrupted or lost or virus, or computer/ laptop is damaged the cause can not be used, then the files in Google Drive remain safe and can still be accessed using other computers connected to the internet. Another advantage is Google Drive has been integrated with Google services s…

Investment Blog Can Bring Profits

Investment means an activity undertaken for profit. How to berinvetasi can use capital and without capital. One form without the capital investment is playing a blog. You can manage multiple blogs and benefit from your affiliates such as AdSense, Infolink, da other types of advertising. By writing in a blog, you can also open sepert service computer consulting services online, service online Android and others. Try investing bloggers require minimal funding, even without capital you can do it. We only need a computer/ laptop, internet connection, and the idea to write the article.

If you want to create a professional blog should buy a domain, though more cool and reliable. Once you have a blog with visitors quite crowded, please establish an affiliation with Google, Infolink, and other advertising. Lots of successful bloggers with high incomes, even those willing to resign from her job as a bank employee and turned blogger. Key to the successful running of the investment must be consi…

How to Access Google Street View

Google Street View already has a recording of photographs to several places in Indonesia. A number of roads in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Bogor and Bali can now explore virtually through Google's mapping service. To access the Street View feature on a desktop PC or laptop, go to address via Firefox, Chrome, or other browsers. Type the name of the city or location you want to visit. In the lower right corner there is a menu option Street View with the symbol of a human figure in yellow. Drag stuffed yellow and drop to the area you want to explore.

Alternatively, click on the intended path and the road name will appear in the upper left corner of the page of Google Maps Street View on the menu along the right side. To view the area around the roadway, click the photo that read Street View. Other than through a browser on a PC or laptop, the Street View feature can also be accessed via mobile devices with the Android operating system or iOS. To access it, users…

Tips On Starting a Business is Good

Before starting a business it's good you learn the business first that you will develop. Never start a business without knowledge of the business sedikit'pun, if you do have any knowledge then the risk without fail will be higher. In addition you should also be able to predict whether a business that you will develop the future can run well, you can see from business difficulties and also where you build your business. Let tanpapanjang the width again, here is the Admin gave some tips on how to start a good business.

Develop Appropriate Business Hobby
Of course there will be an advantage when you develop appropriate business hobby. One i.e. you will be more pleased in building the business. In addition to that of course you already have knowledge of the business because it is your hobby. For example, you love the world of writing, good writing a paper or write. Well, that way you can get to the business of business services is the author of the article. Easy and certainly do not…