How to Access Google Street View

Google Street View already has a recording of photographs to several places in Indonesia. A number of roads in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Bogor and Bali can now explore virtually through Google's mapping service. To access the Street View feature on a desktop PC or laptop, go to address via Firefox, Chrome, or other browsers. Type the name of the city or location you want to visit. In the lower right corner there is a menu option Street View with the symbol of a human figure in yellow. Drag stuffed yellow and drop to the area you want to explore.

Alternatively, click on the intended path and the road name will appear in the upper left corner of the page of Google Maps Street View on the menu along the right side. To view the area around the roadway, click the photo that read Street View. Other than through a browser on a PC or laptop, the Street View feature can also be accessed via mobile devices with the Android operating system or iOS. To access it, users of Android/ iOS simply open the Google Maps application on Android devices, and then choose a path on the map. Press and hold a bit longer in the area that is to be seen up to a red pin icon appears Google Maps (Dropped Pin). Street name is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Click the name of the street, when the area recorded Street View will appear photograph with the words Street View. Click on the photo and you can begin to roam the streets and look at the surrounding area.

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