How to Use Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google that was launched in late April 2012, a service for storing files on the internet on the storage provided by Google. By storing files on Google Drive, the owner of the file can access that file anytime anywhere by using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone. And the file can be shared with others to share and also collaboration lawyer-edit-his. Capacity provided by google drive to free service is 5GB, to use more capacity than it will cost you extra.

By using Google Drive, means that the file owner has had a back-up file it on the internet so that if anything happens to the files stored on your computer or laptop, for example, the file is corrupted or lost or virus, or computer/ laptop is damaged the cause can not be used, then the files in Google Drive remain safe and can still be accessed using other computers connected to the internet. Another advantage is Google Drive has been integrated with Google services such another gmail, Google Plus, Google Search and more. If you want to try this please google drive straight to then login using email my friend that friend can use Google Drive. Later will appear as shown below if google drive my friend has been activated, but if not please wait for a notification from Google to your email.

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