New Logo Google and Domain CO.ID

Who is not familiar with Google, the king of search engines is always to make a breakthrough. After a few months ago Announced a new parent company called Alphabet. Now, Google made a breakthrough with the launch of a new logo. Latest Google logo looks more simple and relies on four distinctive colors. Blue, red, yellow and green.

Google's new logo also change all the icons on the Google products with the letter G. Display icon and logo Google logo on the search engine more simple and dynamic. Reportedly this logo created as Google adaptation to the increasingly dynamic nature of the company. If the previous logo was made only to the desktop, logo this time will adjust to other gadgets. All Google products will soon experience these changes.

Google logo changes coupled with .com domain changes into .co.oid. This domain applies to the individual blogger using be As the goal is more dynamic, it turns out Google adjusts domain name based on the country, and certainly each country's own domain ness. Change logos and domain names began in early September 2015.

Meaning Color Google Logo
There are four elements of color in the logo of google, well below the meaning of the character color:
  1. Blue: Have a sense of focus on the Internet network connection. It means that Google is always just focused on Internet network it will always be needed in the internet world.
  2. Red: Having a role that focuses on money. In the history of the founding of Google. Google was founded as an internet company that will make money from the virtual world.
  3. Yellow: Yellow means google wants to play an important role in the social world of the Internet and he is open to anyone.
  4. Green: This color means that Google has a different appearance denganperusahan other internet. Google wants to look different.

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