Some Products and Services Google Should You Use

Google is the king of search engines, with Google we can trace whatever we want quickly. Google algorithms to make keyword search can display search results are very accurate just a few seconds. The internet giant company not only makes services on search engines alone, over age berkembanganya Google makes a lot of products and services that can be used to help ease human life. Here are Some Google Products and Services That You Must Know and Understand:

Google Search
Google Search is a feature to look for something with Google mensin. Google Search is generally installed on the Android operating system. To open it you do not need to use typed keudian browse Google, but directly type in a keyword to search with Google Search. With this application cyberspace surfers can save time faster browsing.

Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser is a browser application for desktop computers and android devices. Chrome browser is a browser that most Internet users world dipkai karea speed and level kemanannya.

Google +
Not to be outdone by Facebook, Twitter, Patch, and so it turns out Google has its own social networking is Google Plus. Social networking is pretty much used because of its very complete.

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher is a launcher for Android devices. Surely when using this launcher then all Google features such as Google Now can be accessed easily.

Google Translate
You dizziness can not master a foreign language? do not be confused. Google Translate is able to replace the dictionary function perfectly. Even now, Google Translate supports Javanese and Sundanese.

Google Drive
Google Drive is a storage medium owned by Google. How to use it pretty easy, just login using gmail account that has been there and can save files in Google Drive.

Google Talkback
Google Talkback feature is a feature available on Android devices that have the function to assist users who are visually impaired.

Google Camera
Google camera is a photo app for Android devices that screen results can be uploaded directly through Picasa web album.

Google Eart
If you have a profession in the field of geography, Google Eart can help you to ask questions in the form eart (3-dimensional). Map displayed complete with the form of buildings, rivers, roads, and trees with real images.

Google Maps
Die modern era like the current map displayed digitally one of them using Google Maps. With Google Maps we can find the location map by simply typing the desired area only. Google Maps on Android devices together with Google Navigation GPS function to replace hardware.

Google Mail
Google Mail (Gmail) is a Google service in terms of making an email, send email, and so forth. Gmail usage increases rapidly with each Android device requires using a gmail account to be able to access Google Play.

Where we both know that Youtube video warehouse, we can see the video and upload videos for free. Youtube could replace teachers in terms of providing tutorial, for example, just want to learn to assemble a computer. Caja type the keyword "How to assemble a computer" feed will be shown videos How to assemble a computer.

Hangout function to replace Google Talk that are not used anymore. Hangout is more flexible because it can connect directly to Google Plus users, can talk together, and SMS can also be configured to hangout.

Android Device Manager
With this feature Android device owners can control Androidnya from the hands of evil as a thief. Android device manager is able to delete, lock, and locate the last position Android lost. This application is highly recommended for all users of Android devices to minimize the risk of loss.

Street View on Google Maps
Google View on Google Maps is similar to Google Maps, which differentiates street view capable of displaying a map with a moving image. Google Street View can be enjoyed to the big cities ever recorded by Google.

Google Finance
Google Finance is Google applications to manage finances.

And Many Others
There are so many benefits of using products and services from Google, so for those of you who have not used simply to try it definitely helps.

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