Why Should Gold Investment

If in the 1980s, with the money of Rp 1 million already be a new motor, it is now (201X-an), with the same nominal money can what? Never mind the new motor, new used motor was not able. The money, which is generally believed to most people as a storage medium value, is a big one. Money is very vulnerable to inflation each year, so no wonder the investment in the form of a very vulnerable currency loss. So, is the solution investment with a value of 0 percent inflation? The answer is no, namely gold.  Gold was used thousands of years ago as a medium of exchange that never shrink in value. What's up with gold? According to historical sources, gold has been known since 40 thousand years BC.

A number of tribal already familiar with gold and used as a tool of culture, especially ancient spiritual paraphernalia. In a society of Ancient Egypt (circa), 1932 BC they buried in a gold coffin of King Tutankhamen weighing nearly 2500 pounds. The Romans already use gold coins as a means of transaction in the year 50 BC. In the development of gold into reserves for a country. Countries that have reserves of gold that much, have a strong economy. While the currency is simply a symbol of the real exchange rate is not worth anything, when the country had no gold reserves. Thus, gold has a lasting investment that would not cracked by movement of the global economy which is too volatile. This blog tries to present practical steps to invest in gold. How to start and manage gold so worth the investment, will be discussed in a relaxed in this blog site. Not only that, I will also discuss a bit about gardening fig sniper gold through pawnshops. This business is getting phenomenal because it offers a decent profit.

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