Computer Software and its Functions

The computer will not be separated from the software (software) as it is one of the most important part of the computer itself. A computer is an electronic system of data manipulation functionality to reply fast and precise and accurate reply has designed and in organising so that automatically accept or store data input and input, process it and then generate output under the supervision of a step by step, instructions instructions programs stored in the memory (stored program).

Understanding the software (software) is a set of computer electronic data stored and managed by computer, electronic data stored by the computer it can be a program or instructions yg will run a command. The software is also known as a translator of the commandments wrote run computer users to be forwarded or processed by hardware. Through the software or the software this is a computer able to run a command. There are several functions of the software (software), software functions (software) is processing data or command/instruction to get results or run a command commands. Serves as a means of interaction connect yg or bridge the computer user (user) with the hardware

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