Hybrid Cloud Technology Excellence

Hybrid Cloud technology has indeed heard since last year. But many experts predict cloud computing when this new technology will actually run in 2016. One reason is because migrating more and more to use cloud computing and the sense of security they will worry about data stored on the cloud service. Hybrid means combining two opposite things. Hybrid cloud means technology that combines public cloud with private cloud. Cloud computing is said to be a hybrid cloud at least required a private cloud and public cloud one. A second cloud this should work separately and independently but rehubung through encrypted communications path until the data can be moved safely.

This technology lets users store sensitive corporate data that is not in the public cloud like onedrive and sensitive data such as experiment data is the latest product in the private cloud. The most obvious visible benefits from the application of this technology is the user can have its own infrastructure without relying on third-party infrastructure. As well as minimize the access will be interrupted when internet connections were not friendly or damage to infrastructure. Hybrid cloud technology this sounds simple. Only limited to move data between cloud. But for users of cloud computing, this is a breakthrough technology. Cloud computing is a technology that will still be growing. Soon migrated to use cloud computing before it's too late.

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