The Meaning of the DPI (Dot Per Inch) On The Printer

The term DPI often appears on the printer resolution. DPI print results effect on text and photos. Namunn the greater the DPI makes the image progressively sharper, but the reverse is if it has a picture resolution is less then the drawing is not going to be sharp. Dot per inch is a form of a print or visual results, which is a collection of points in size inches (2, 54cm). The value of the DPI correlated directly with the resolution/ sharpness of the image. Printer Dots the size of DPI (Dot per inch) this cannot be measured in tangible, because to be seen by using a special lens. If you want to print a document the printer with a resolution of 300 DPI is good enough. But if you want to print a photo it is recommended to use a printer with a resolution of more than 1200 DPI so that his maximum.For example, printer Dot Matrix Printer is wearing a needle, so that the printout is less good.  The prints are produced only 60 to 90 DPI.

While Inkjet Printer wear liquid ink, print Results with sharper resolution between 300-600 DPI. To use Laser assault Ptinter print results better than Dot Matrix Printers and Inkjet printers. Ptinter Laser has a resolution of 600 DPI range from 2400-DPI. Ukurarn DPI is also influenced by the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) on the screen of the monitor. The higher PPI size on the screen, the prints created the better. Printer with high DPI can print Output in detail. But this also depends on the settings of the printer. All printers in the world using standard print size with DPI. PPI DPI size & DPI (Dot Per Inch) prints the printer was also influenced by the size of the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) that appears on the screen of the monitor. So the higher the size of the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) on a visual screen, will create a good print results.

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