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The Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing or cloud computing is a term that is quite popular nowadays. The term is used on many services to define the technology used in providing the service. The number of cloud service providers worldwide, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google, and Softlayer, making the term cloud is becoming increasingly familiar in the ears of the public. However, on the other hand, there are some services that use frills cloud that deviate from the definition of the cloud itself.

Therefore, it is important for us to understand the sense and the component technologies that are the current hype in order to choose a service cloud as needed. Cloud computing is a technology concept which facilitates service users to focus on the services hired, without having to manage the complexity behind the service.

Review of models of cloud computing services, divided into three interconnected types, i.e. the Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (I…

Hybrid Cloud Gives a Limit Between Public and Private Cloud

This is where the cloud hybrid (hybrid cloud) play a role. Hybrid cloud allows companies to use a mixture of both cloud (public and private), and provides strategic options to the company. Hybrid cloud infrastructure provides the same security policies and a set of tools, and in the final stage, choose how your application, either on-premise or cloud.

One of the main advantages of hybrid cloud i.e. users can move applications and workload between cloud environments, depending on demand, business needs, and other variables. With the approach of this hybrid, mixed or business can respond quickly operational development. For example, customers may use the public cloud to develop and test new applications in a fast and efficient, before moving it back to behind the firewall. This all can be done with the evolution of cloud computing or the Public Cloud Machine that uses software and hardware that is similar to a public cloud to bring the capabilities of on-premise, so that businesses can …

All About Nano Technology

Surely you're not familiar with the name Nano-technology or Nano Technology, and then actually do Nano Teknolgi is it? Teknolgi Nano is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale scale. Diameter of 62 pm in diameter range between atoms (Helium atoms) to 520 pm in diameter (Cesium atoms), while the combination of a few atoms form molecules with nano-size range. The initial description of nanotechnology refer to purpose of use technology to manipulate atoms and molecules to create macro-scale products. A more general description is the manipulation of materials with a maximum size of 100 nanometers.

Application of Nano-Teknolgi in the Komputeriasai field. With the presence of Nano Technology change large sized products be small and can be carried everywhere. When the first one computer roughly the size of the magnitude of the House is now a small, even just as wide and as thick as a book only. Utilization of Nano technology applied in the manufacture of many prosese…