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The Notion of Downloading

The term Downloading is considered closely related to the sense of receiving files from another computer to your computer. This form of acceptance of activity data (files) from other computers connected to the local computer in a network or the internet. So the download is a process of transmitting a file or data from a computer system to computer system.

From the internet, the user/users who do download process (download) is the process by which a user request or requesting a file from a different computer (such as: web site, server or the etc) and then accept it. either through a web server, FTP server, mail server, server or other system are identical. In other words, understanding is the transmission of a download file from the internet to the computer client/user can be said also the process of acceptance or taking files from internet/server to your personal computer.

In downloading the file usually used certain tools in order to make the download faster and we can pause and then…