Understanding Router and its benefits

The router is a network device that is used to connect multiple network, either the same or different network in terms of technology such as the use of network topology connecting Bus, Star, and Ring. The router has at least two network interfaces. In the previous post about getting to know the techniques of subneting who have mentioned that connections Interfaith network (a network with different IP subnet) can only happen with the help of the Router.

As an illustration of the difference of the function of routers and switches is a street, and the router is the liaison between the road. Each House is located on the road that have addresses in a particular order. In the same way, a switch connects a wide variety of tools, where each tool has its own IP address on a LAN. The router is very widely used in network based on TCP/IP protocol technology, and it is also called type router with IP Router. In addition to the IP of the Router, there is another AppleTalk Router, and there are still some other router types. The Internet is a prime example of a network that has.

The router can be used to connect many small networks into a larger network, called internetwork, or to divide a large network into some subnetwork to improve performance and also simplify management. The router is also sometimes used to mengoneksikan two networks that use different media (such as a wireless router in General other than he can connect a computer using radio, he also supports the connection of computers with cable UTP), or different network architecture, such as from Ethernet to Token Ring.

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