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Cloud Computing to Change the World of Education

The advantages offered by cloud computing not only for business but also can be applied in the field of education. Technology foretold would still be expanding trusted can change the world of education with a variety of convenience dimilinya. Same as before in which cloud computing success changing the business world. By leveraging cloud computing to the field of education then.

There is no longer an expensive textbook. It's no secret anymore if some textbooks, especially at the University level, it is very expensive to not affordable by most students. Cloud computing can be a solution by providing the needed materials on the basis of cloud computing that can be accessed from a variety of devices belonging to the student or students whenever they need it.

The material can always be updated easily. If you use the textbook as it is now very difficult to modify or to renew the educational material because it means having to pull the entire book then print by adding new material and t…