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How It Works Bridge In The Network

Computer hardware is a bridge to connect the two networks that work with the same protocol. Unlike the repeater that works on a physical level, bridge works at the logical level (in layer 2 on the OSI model), which means that it can filter frame so that only allows data past the destination address in accordance with the engine located in the the other side of the bridge.

This bridge was used to segment the network, hold frames intended for local area network while the transmission is intended for the other network. This will reduce traffic (and especially the collision) on all the networks, and increasing the level of privacy, information intended for one network cannot hear on the other end. The filtering is done by the bridge can cause a slight delay when going from one network to another, jarinan and this is the reason why the bridge should be carefully placed in the network.

The normal role of A bridge is to send packets between two networks of the same type. A bridge has two con…