Automated Trading on Forex without Expert Advisors

With the development of computer technology, the life of traders from around the world has become much simpler. And the Forex market did not become an exception. Thanks to the MT4 terminal it became possible to trade literally everywhere - now it is not necessary to sit in a stuffy office, making transactions, a successful trader can quite do it with a laptop in a hammock. However, for happiness you need time.

If you have a lot of money, but you are on the head loaded with a heavy and exhausting work - you will be unhappy. Why do you need so much money if you can not spend it? This is the philosophy of really rich people! In addition, well-being has a vicious circle - the more you are satisfied with yourself, the more you earn money.

But traders have solved the problem of earning a lot of money, and the lack of free time because of this. It's simple - a special program - a trading robot - automatically trades for you. He does not know fatigue, he does not need smoke breaks, the robot will never miss a profitable deal. The machine can not badly trade, because its algorithms are written with one goal - to bring the profit to the owner.

However, over time, trading robots began to pose a real threat to the well-being of many forex brokers. As you know, most brokers do not withdraw their clients' transactions anywhere, but work on the principle of "casino". Indeed, why bother to bring deals out somewhere, when, according to statistics, 80% of traders lose their money? Where is it easier and more profitable to wait, when the client loses all his deposit, and just take all the money to himself. But under such a scheme, a stable trading robot can inflict serious damage on the broker, since all the profits the broker will have to give out of his pocket.

In a special disgrace, brokers get various scalping and arbitration robots. If even ten years ago, the "kitchen" datacenters could freely manipulate prices in terminals, shifting them in the right direction to quickly ruin customers, but now for any price shift from the reference one, there must be some arbitration robot that will take advantage of the price difference to extract profits. As a result, the broker may lose more from his manipulations than to win.

It is quite natural that in such a situation brokers try in every possible way to deal with successful trading robots. In the course are various tricks, such as delays in the execution of orders, slips, spread spreads, as well as completely dishonest methods, such as canceling transactions or blocking accounts. The most radical companies and completely prohibit automatic trading in MT4 with the help of advisors. Indeed, why struggle with trade robots, when they can simply be banned?

At the same time, for manual forex trading, forex brokers are more or less loyal. To this trade, even the "kitchens" try not to use artificial delays and requotes. As a result, more and more traders are beginning to wonder whether auto trading is possible in MT4 without using advisors. Fortunately, there is already a solution to this problem. There are special programs based on the imitation of the actions of a living person - pressing buttons, clicking with the mouse, etc. Due to this, it becomes impossible to distinguish you, at the moment when you trade yourself, from your program that works autonomously.